A Message from our President

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Dear All

Len Williamson has been an enthusiastic member of the CBBC for a number of years and regularly attends the field trips. As many of you already know, his wife, Karen, chose to end her life in Switzerland in January 2020, as a result of becoming paralysed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Len has just completed the work for his MA in photography. The title of the work is “Every Bird I See Will Be Part Of You” and it explores Len’s emotional journey through Karen’s illness and her decision to end her life with assistance. It will be exhibited at the ESPACIO 14 art gallery in Gata de Gorgos from 6th March to 26th April, 2021.

In a recent email to me, Len said “I think the more people who see it the better as I know there are so many people out there who have gone through something similar. If I help one of them with my work then I am happy.”

Below is the link with all the details of his work and the exhibition. I would highly recommend that you click on the link on page 32 and watch the short film. It was a very moving and upsetting experience for me, but it superbly conveys the pain and sense of loss that Len felt and is still feeling.  Unless Covid-19 restrictions prevent it, I will definitely be visiting Len’s exhibition next spring. I encourage you to do the same and to pass on these details to friends and family.


Regards and Christmas greetings

David Roe – CBBC President