Not a Ring billed Gull by Malcolm Palmer

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Regarding the Costa Blanca Bird Club’s trip to the Mar Menor, where a Ring-billed Gull was claimed, subsequent exhaustive studies suggest that it was, indeed, a young Yellow legged Gull. Which tends to show that a gathering of ‘experts’ can … Continued

Overwintering Migrants

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If you read most field guides, you will learn that Hoopoes don’t winter in Spain, and neither do Booted Eagles. If you are a keen birder, and live here, you will know that both species are a common sight, around … Continued

El Hondo by Malcolm Palmer

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More information from Malcolm – There have been rumours about all sorts of future fates that may befall our wetlands. Regarding El Hondo, the owners, as many should know, are an irrigation company, Riegos de Levante, whose business it is … Continued

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