President – Stephan Cramer

Stephan and Els (see later) became birders in 1982 after following a course of the local bird protection organisation in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Soon they joined the Dutch Birding Association for some serious birdwatching. They made trips in Europe between the North Cape and Gibraltar, and to the USA (Texas, California and Arizona). After Stephan´s retirement as a managing psychologist in the field of the care for people with intellectual disabilities, Els and Stephan moved to Spain in 2010. They met Malcolm when looking at a Buff-breasted Sandpiper, and couldn´t resist the temptation to meet the other members of the CBBC. Soon they joined the committee. To his surprise, one day Stephan found himself elected as president of the CBBC.


Vice President – Malcolm Palmer

Malcolm has lived in Spain since 1993 based originally in Santa Pola, he now resides in San Vicente del Raspeig with his wife Juani. He writes a bird-related article for the Costa Blanca News on a weekly basis. Malcolm is the author of three bird guides to Spain, and co-author of a book on the Island of Tabarca. He has been interested in birds all his life, and his knowledge of the avifauna of the Costa Blanca region is second to none making him an extremely valued committee member. Email Malcolm –


Club Secretary – Pete Alden

Pete retired to the Costa Blanca with his wife in 2003, having spent his life as an industrial gypsy building power stations in many parts of the world. He now lives in Benissa Coastal, and tries to keep CBBC members informed of trips, when not birdwatching from his garden.”



Treasurer – Greta Owen

I spent all my working life in the Dairy Trade after studying Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology and Dairying at Cannington Agriculture College in Bridgwater and then worked for several years in the laboratory for a national UK dairy company, before co-owning the largest independent dairy in the Southwest of England. After “retiring” I worked for a smaller dairy company, in their office before coming to live in Spain. I have always been interested in wildlife in general but especially birds, rising before dawn and going to look for them, but I only got into photographing them after joining the CBBC.


Committee Member – Barry Chambers

Barry retired early to live in Rojales on the Costa Blanca with his wife Carol in March 2006,  having spent the previous 25 years working in a Day Centre with Adults with Learning Disabilities where he was Deputy Manager. Barry was Vice Chairman of the Local Natural History Society for more than 20 years in Essex, has been a keen bird watcher since his school days and has continued his passion since moving to the Costa Blanca.


tn_elsCommittee Member – Els Feuth

For Els’ history as a birder see Stephan above.   After dedicating her working life to theoretical linguistics, catering, and working as a marriage registrar, Els is now devoting her time to birdwatching, bird identification, and creating birds (in ceramics, sculpture, painting, mosaic).



Committee Member – Brian Hunt

Born in Nottingham, Brian had a career with the Ministry of Defence as a mechanical engineer, working in Nottingham Lancashire, Kent and Dorset. Always interested in all aspects of the great outdoors, became seriously interested in birding in about the mid 1980s marked by purchasing his first binos and joining the RSPB. Explored the U.K. extensively, especially Scotland, Shetlands, Orkneys, Hebrides and of course Dorset until January 2001, when he and Barbara came to live in Spain. They were initially disappointed in the almost total absence of birds in their Spanish garden, so whilst undertaking extensive improvements to their house they took the opportunity to create a more bird friendly garden, with some success. Completion of this project brought them spare time for birding in Spain, which is when they discovered the CBBC.


Website Administrator – Mary Brazier

Mary and her husband John came to Spain in 2005 and started to take an interest in the local wildlife, after reading the late Brian Conduit’s nature articles in ‘The Jungle Drums’ magazine. They met Brian in the hide at El Clot, joined the CBBC, and started to learn more about the local birds. In England Mary worked as an Internal Auditor in the Civil Service and later for The Post Office. Various roles in the NHS followed, mainly concerned with the provision of information for patients. Mary is now ‘early retired’ and enjoys birding on the Costa Blanca and looking after the CBBC website.