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This week I have made three attempts to see the Eagle Owl and have been successful twice. This evening Michelle was with me. We could hear them calling and then it perched in view, moved its position and then flew. I was delighted and so was Michelle for this was her first view, albeit courtesy of the scope, of this very large bird.

Yesterday, we went with Costa Blanca Bird Club to Pego which is a rice growing area with plenty of water, reeds and muddy fields. There is flowing natural water with dykes, drains and regulated water levels. It is an incredibly important sight for resident birds, nesting area, for wintering birds and for passage migrants. It was not our first trip and it will not be the last. We saw numerous Lapwing with a few Golden Plover, Snipe, in abundance with egrets, herons and the occasional raptor. There were many smaller species such a Bluethroat, wagtails, pipits and even the welcome sight of a few Robins. However, the stars of our day was a birding restauranteur from The Scillies who ‘pished’ up eight lovely Penduline Tits who poked their heads up to look for who was talking to them. It’s good to talk, you know! The other star find was a Spotted Crake and both finds were firsts for many of us. Well done to Bryan Thomas for his ‘pishing’, for his enthusiasm and his willingness to help those with less knowledge. Also, thanks to Julian Sykes ( ) whose knowledge and spotting ability was of benefit to us. This was another great day out in good company