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The wind was blowing hard when we awoke just like the previous evening. It was therefore a quick breakfast , then head north to see what we could see on our way to Bilbao. We travelled through more corn fields with luxuriant green deciduous forests lining the hillsides. Griffon Vultures, our first on this trip, were circling overhead. Our first destination was within 5km of the Basque capital Vitoria-Gasteiz. Here there are the Salburúa Wetlands with 203 hectares of forest, marsh and water all teeming with wildlife. There are listed walks and hides that actually overlook water! Nesting White Storks were in abundance, a heronry was in the trees opposite, waterfowl with young were swimming about which included both geese and Coot. We did not have time to stay too long but together with information gleaned on our arrival in Bilbao there has to be a return visit either in winter or during a migration for there is so much to see and do in País Vasco/Euskadi. A hotel brochure lists The Mendijur Ornothologica Park as well as coastal sites. From now on we will be looking for seabirds and once on the ferry on Tuesday morning we will look for any marine life. Let’s hope the weather is good.