Facebook UK and Spain Bird Group

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I was wondering if any Facebook users who read this Blog would be interested in joining my Spain and UK Bird Group on Facebook. The group currently has about 35 members who are mainly based in England, Scotland or Spain. There is a mix of people, including a few experienced birders, a few novices, several people who like to photograph birds, a few members of my family and a number of people who don’t often contribute to the group but may sometimes view the pages. The aim of the group is for it to be ‘a fun place where birders can share information, photos and comments for the benefit of other interested parties’. The group is currently set up as a ‘secret group’ which means that only group members can post things and look at the Facebook pages. In order to allow new people to join I will reclassify the group as a ‘closed group’ which means that only group members can post things but any Facebook user is able to view the pages. Experienced and novice birders are all invited to join and members from other European countries will be welcomed. If anyone would like to join they need to follow this link to the group where they will be able to send a request to join. UK and Spain Bird Group

Please note – Anyone who uses the group to advertise their services or tries to sell us things WILL be removed. An occasional link to a bird related website may be accepted. Anyone who adds comments or makes posts which threaten the current amiable nature of the group WILL be removed. Anyone who does not respond to my welcome message asking them to tell us a little about themselves and their birding interests MAY be removed. I look forward to welcoming a few new members in the near future.