A Tribute to Mark Etheridge

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Our birding friend Mark Etheridge sadly passed away last Friday after a battle with cancer.

Mark was an excellent birder and contributed many reports to this website over the last ten years. If you type his name into the search box above you will find several reports of Mark’s and from reading them you will get a good sense of his enthusiasm for birds.

When I think of Mark I think of him reporting on Great Spotted Cuckoos, Ferruginous Duck and Golden Oriole to name but a few. When visiting Gran Alacant, Mark always kept a good eye on El Clot and I enjoyed reading his reports when we were back in the UK.

John and I went birding with him a few times and sometimes used to see him in the Clot.

He was so helpful to me, giving advice on places to find specific birds and solving bird identification queries. He was always happy to talk about bird related matters and wrote an interesting column in the GA Advertiser in Spain until quite recently.

RIP Mark Etheridge

This link takes you to an early blog of mine when we were out with Mark once in 2013. https://www.costablancabirdclub.com/el-hondo-fields-and-san-felipe/