A Trip to Sigüenza – David Roe

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My wife, Carol, and I have just had four nights in Sigüenza, Guadalajara province. Yesterday, we did a walk through a river gorge with steep rock cliffs and then up to a waterfall (which was bone dry at this time of year). There were Griffon Vultures everywhere. We also saw 4 Egyptian Vultures.

Today, about 2 kms from Sigüenza, we came across a road kill of a deer at the side of the road. There were about 10 Griffons on the carcass, which we scared off as we approached. We found a parking place to stop and got out of our car. The Griffons didn’t go back to the carcass, but there were around 30 on the ground near us and around another 30 circling above. I’ve seen more than that, once in the past, but they’ve been circling high above. It’s the best close up view I’ve ever had of Griffons. Here are some photos taken by Carol.