An update about the Yecla area – Bryan Thomas

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I have been visiting this area at least once a month for the past twelve months, it’s a great place to see the summer visitor Lesser Kestrel. This Autumn I’ve noticed that Lesser Kestrels were late leaving, with the weather being mainly dry with good temperatures. I thought  when the weather turned colder they would move on but on 5th December female Lesser Kestrels were still present, not the easiest to ID, as there are good numbers of Common Kestrel in the area  just to confuse you. But with digital cameras and computer I was able to confirm.

Imagine my surprise on the 28th January, on a very cold  grey day, a visit to Yecla with John and Michelle Edwards, produced at least 4 Lesser Kestrels, 1 male and 3 females, following a tractor which was turning the ground over. Due to the closeness of the tractor I was able to get some  photos of the Lesser Kestrels to confirm the ID. A Redwing was another nice surprise.

Also on a recent visit to Bonete / Higruela, for the Great Bustards I saw a few birds which were probably Lesser kestrels but not good enough views to give a positive ID. So check those kestrels out, you never know it might be a lesser.