Benejuzar – Mark Etheridge

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Some birding days are good, some are okay, some are a waste of time. Just occasionally, you get a day you will remember for the rest of your life! Between 09.59 and 10.17 this morning, I took 327 shots of one bird, Bryan probably took even more! The location is the Rio Segura valley at Benejuzar. Golden Orioles are supposed to be difficult to see and photograph… Here are just a few of the many photos taken.

For the record, in addition to our camera-hogging Golden Oriole another 5 Orioles were seen. Nightingales seemed to be present every 50 yards along the river bank, there must be hundreds in this area. In addition, we also had at least 4 Melodious, Cetti’s and Reed Warblers, Tree Sparrows, Cuckoos and a flyover Purple Heron. We went on to La Mata to see if we could find Montagu’s Harrier – none seen there but we had a flyover bird on the way home along the N332 passing Santa Pola Salinas. That’s the second Monty’s we’ve seen there, perhaps they are moving into that area?