Black Shouldered Kite around El Hondo fields in December

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I feel I must apologise for not getting this information on the website sooner, but I had a few other priorities to deal with so all I can say is I’m sorry for the delay.

On 1st December Barry emailed me to say – “Just in case Paul & Linda Garrett haven’t contacted you, they saw a Black Shouldered Kite near the Palm Farm Track  this morning.

Last week, while I was in England, I received news of several sightings of a Black Shouldered Kite around the Palm Farm Track (PFT) area.

Ken Waller saw the bird in the late afternoon on 6th December. Ken posted this comment with photos on my Facebook group – “Jane and I had a great couple of hours down the PFT we saw the usual Booted Eagle, Marsh Harriers, Kingfisher and lots of other species. The light was going so we decided to head back towards home back down the track over the bridge and towards the main road when we spotted this bird fly right by us carrying a mouse /vole in its claws. It flew up into the tall tree on the right hand side about halfway up the track between the bridge and the main road .We watched it as it ate its snack and i took some pics of it ,we were not sure what it was but this beautiful bird finished off a great afternoon for us. When we got home and looked at the Collins Bird Guide we think it matches the description of the Black Winged Kite what do you all think?”


Paul and Greta went to the PFT on 7th December and managed to see the bird. Greta also posted in my Facebook bird group saying – “Several birders here today looking for the Black Winged Kite.  Other birds seen were Buzzard, a few Kingfishers, Stonechats and Shrikes.

On 8th December Bryan Thomas emailed me saying-  “I thought I might have found this bird but on my return to the house Trish said there was a bird on facebook at green sandpiper alley, I think It’s a Black Shouldered Kite.

Black Shouldered Kite by Bryan Thomas©
Black Shouldered Kite by Bryan Thomas©