Crevillente – Gleb Berloff

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I’ve been to the Crevillent sierras today and have been surprised, in both ways. I went for the Bonelli’s Eagle, but I was actually unable to find it, despite looking everywhere and scanning the cliffs to the north and east of Finca Bonelli’s Eagle. Maybe they have moved on to avoid the temperatures of the summer? I was told some raptors here do that, because I was sure I was in the right place. 

This aside, there were a few stunning Bee-eaters there today, one of which was sitting in place long enough for me to take an image. When returning to Crevillent, I heard a loud squeaking bird call nearby, and then saw the source: 10 meters away, on a wire, a Little Owl was sitting and staring at me with wide eyes. It was squeaking every time I moved on the road. I was very surprised by this. There was also a Hobby soaring above Crevillent itself. Next I plan to visit Alcoy again to see the vultures, and will finally get to El Hondo.