El Clot and Santa Pola Lighthouse

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Yesterday evening we made a return visit to the Clot hoping that I would manage to see one of the Little Bitterns this time. We sat for a while watching the White headed Ducks, Red Crested Pochards, Coots, Moorhens, Little Grebes and Mallards with their many ducklings. Swallows and Swifts swooped over the pool taking flies or dipping their bills into the water to drink all making for a very relaxing time. After a while we spotted a Little Bittern as it flew into some reeds on the left of the pool. After that we enjoyed several sightings of Little Bitterns, at least two of them, with one even staying out long enough for an attempt at a photo.  As we got up to leave a bird flew over the pool and landed near the water’s edge on the right of the pool. It was a Turtle Dove! We had had a brief look at one yesterday, but this time the bird stayed for a good while wandering about by the edge of the pool. Quite a successful visit!

We left and went to Santa Pola for a drink and a walk, before heading back along the main road and turning up to the lighthouse. We were hoping to see a Red necked Nightjar but, sadly we neither saw or heard any, maybe due to the windy conditions.