El Clot – Gleb Berloff

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I was down at El Clot yesterday and saw a few interesting things. The very first bird I saw there was a White-headed Duck, and I counted 4 of those on the reserve when I was there. I think this may be Europe’s rarest duck, and so seeing it here was rather exciting, as well as seeing that oversized bill. There were also a lot of Marbled Ducks around, about five were seen from various hides by me. I then encountered a very well showing Little Bittern sitting in some reeds, which surprised me as I thought they were extremely elusive and difficult to see. This one was perched nearly out in the open, and in addition to this a Night Heron and Purple Heron flew past, and there was a distant circling flock of Glossy Ibis.

There were also a few interesting and very large terns around- do you have any idea what they are? 

Editor’s note – I’m thinking Caspian or Gull-billed Tern but please let me know if anyone can confirm what they were.