El Clot – Gleb Berloff

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This report was sent in by local birder Gleb. I think he was pleased to see the Marbled Ducks that were reintroduced to El Clot in February this year. This species used to be in El Clot a few year’s ago so it is nice to have them back.

“I just would like to provide an account of my visit to El Clot de Galvany. The visit was no less than EARTH-SHATTERING. I STILL can’t calm down, and that was yesterday!

I got there about nine in the morning and even before I got to the hides I saw a rabbit or hare on the track. The hide which has the overgrown reeds in front had just Mallards and other common ducks. But when I got to the hide overlooking the permanent lagoon, my jaw hit the floor. I IMMEDIATELY saw EIGHT Marbled Teal! I do not have camera, though, but two were sitting SO close (about 5 meters!) that even my iPhone 4c managed to get the images!! I am sure it is this species, as no other species has that colouration. EIGHT of them. Due to a lack of equipment I did not even bother to scan for White Headed Ducks. But EIGHT Marbled Teal, I am not joking. That’s monstrous.

Marbled Ducks by Gleb Berloff© (iphone photo)

At any rate I go to the third hide along the track running past the huge lagoon and a Bee Eater displays above me for a while. There was a cumulonimbus of Little Egrets circling above the lagoon, and a Glossy Ibis briefly joined in. At the third hide there was a Black Winged Stilt family right at the waterline in front of the hide, and 4 Night heron juveniles were jumping around in the short grass and croaking loudly.

On my way back I saw more Bee Eaters, which I mistook briefly for a Sparrowhawk, and three Flamingos, the cooperation of which as I tried to take an image was astounding.”