El Clot – Greta Owen

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Spent a couple of hours at El Clot yesterday, first at the main pond, where a beautiful male Kingfisher perched nicely for me to take its photo. Two Squacco Herons sat amongst the reeds on the far side. A Great Reed Warbler sang all the while which was lovely to listen too. There are still two Red-knobbed Coots there too.

At the dry hide there were a family of four Kingfisher too-ing and fro-ing, perching occasionally on the shrub. Littern Bittern were also flying back and forth. A large group of Great Crested Grebe and young of various development swam out from behind some reeds, probably as many as fifty. Also there we saw Little Grebe and chicks, Black-necked Grebe, several Little Egret and a Grey Heron flew across and disappeared into the reeds. It was a lovely couple of hours as we had the hides to ourselves.