El Hondo and Santa Pola areas

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This morning, in the company of Eddie Walker and Brian Vickers, at El Hondo, we observed an eagle pursued by a Marsh Harrier. Meanwhile, Eddie pointed out the Great Spotted Eagle called Tönn perched in a tree. The eagle looked a little thinner and less heavy than a Great Spotted Eagle, with which I am quite familiar, and the constant proximity of the lagoon allowed a good idea of ​​the size. The body and the lower part of the wings had a milk chocolate colour, the primaries much darker. I am convinced that it was an example of Lesser Spotted Eagle, which I have seen in Hungary and Rhodes.

Later, a  Whimbrel at the Cabo de Santa Pola and a group of Ruff at La Raja were just about it. Brian Hunt, however, is lucky as he has 2 Great Spotted Cuckoos on the garden of his house behind Alicante!
Library photos of both types of Spotted Eagle.