El Hondo and surrounding area – Paul Coombes (Visiting Birder)

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Day 19 (last day) – 7th April

I had no intentions of going anywhere today other than into Los Montesinos for breakfast with me Mam, plus my date with the airport mid afternoon. But when I woke early and knowing my Mam wouldn’t be ready till around 10am, then my mind was made up.  I got to El Hondo for sunrise. The chacking of a Great Reed Warbler interrupted the morning silence. Collared Pratincole, Black winged Stilt, Western Swamphen were preening and stretching and the Coots were beginning their daily squabble. The sun had risen in no time at all and as I creeped along the boardwalk MARBLED DUCK, Squacco and Grey Heron, Whiskered Tern and Avocet were also noted. A SARDINIAN WARBLER sang and posed nicely for the camera.

By now I only had another hour, so I set off along the surrounding roads. On a small building by the overgrown ‘football pitch’ along the North road a pair of LITTLE OWL were scanning the area and to my great pleasure along ‘El Molar’ road I could hear Bee-eater. A few minutes later and I had located 3 of them perched on the ground in a ploughed field. Every now and then they’d rise, hunt, perch on the high wires, eat and drop to the field once more. I was now very pleased I’d made the effort to get up. This was to be the last of my Spanish birding and the last addition to my trip list. Back to Montesinos. Breaky in the town square, suitcase to be weighed, and Alicante airport soon after. I was shattered haha. Trip list 147