El Hondo area – Ted Humprhies

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7th Jan 2018 – Santa agueda platforms – Firstly there is a step missing on the platform to the left. Recommend you don’t use it. The platform on the right has evidence of heavy bird dropping and owl pellets. From the platform today clear view of Spotted Eagle flying in and then dramatically folding and steep dives to attack something below.  Couldn’t see what it was threatening. Nice Fan tailed Warbler close up. Merlin flew through

Palm farm track – 2 Booted Eagle.  Male Marsh Harrier and a very grey Hedgehog.

8th Jan 2018 – Clot de Galvany – Booted Eagle, 5 Marsh Harrier females. Little Owl on dead tree showing well.  Cattle Egret.

9th Jan 2018 – Palm Farm Track – Great White Egret, Booted Eagle, Green Sandpiper.

Santa Agueda – Lovely Booted Eagle posed close by on wire allowing pics. Then lifted off and flew past me. Superb views. Little owl briefly on house wall.

Platforms Kestrel caught a mouse and flew past me 20 feet away allowing great views and pics.  Buzzard dispute with Spotted Eagle. Male Marsh Harrier. Several females. 8 Glossy Ibis flew past.

San Felipe  At least 300 Crag Martins, Booted Eagle over main lagoon.  2 Green Sandpiper. Kingfisher ( would have got pics if a lady with a screaming baby had not disturbed it). Wryneck.

Santa Agueda village – Kingfisher flew across road.  Little owl played hide and seek. Southern Grey Shrike,  3 Buzzards.   

10th Jan 2018 – Called at El Hondo Visitor Centre today and showed my photographs of the Wryneck. The manager was delighted.  He stated that they only get one a year and it quite often hangs around the palm trees in front of reception. Spent most of the day at Santa Agueda between the platforms and the village.  Nothing exciting but then at 3.15 pm I spotted the Great Spotted Eagle approaching from the south west about 100 feet up.  It came right up to the platform and circled me four times before climbing up to the clouds.  The views were incredible.  I could even see the transmitter on its back.   A lovely sighting to make my day.