El hondo, El Clot – Paul and Greta

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The Blackcap, Sardinian Warbler and Stonechat are still very active at the pallet road. A Little Owl perched on the front of the monastery, Several raptors were around; Buzzard, Booted Eagle, and Marsh Harrier. Overnight rain and farmers activity made the tracks deep with mud. A small flock of Glossy Ibis and four Cranes flew over us on the Palm Farm Track. Serin and White Wagtail were bathing in some of the puddles. Two Cranes were in their usual field.

This morning at the dry hide in El Clot, again White Wagtail, Chiffchaff, White-headed Duck, many Shoveler, Little Grebe, Coot, Night Heron, Robin and a Water Rail.

Water Rail by Greta Owen©