El Hondo fields, El Clot – Greta Own

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On Sunday 28th March decided to get up and go birding a bit earlier than usual, it didn’t really pay off as we seemed to be followed around by three microlights and a hot air balloon, so we didn’t see a lot but we did see our first Woodchat Shrike of the year. On Thursday 1st we went to the Clot, we had a look at the scrape which they had been working on. They have made quite a change to it and we were lucky to see Barn Swallows and Red Rumped Swallows collecting mud and nesting material, also a Marbled Duck and Red Crested Pochard. The Little Bittern are still active in the dry hide. There were too many talkative people at the main hide so we didn’t stay. Today Sunday 4th we went on our usual route and saw – Red Legged Partridge, a nice flock of Linnet enjoying the flowers on the verges, a Green Woodpecker, Red Squirrel, Booted Eagle x 2, a pair of Woodchat Shrike getting-together, Kestrel, Greenfinch, and a Grey Heron flying as we have never seen before!