El Hondo fields – Paul and Greta

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Here are the highlights from today’s run around the El Hondo fields. On the way to the old monastery we saw a covey of Red Legged Partridge pecking underneath the trees, Collared Dove, Kestrel and Hoopoe were also in the area. a Buzzard sat on a distant tree and it seems that a pair of Kestrel are making there home in the monastery. Further down the road there were eight Hoopoe on the roof of an old barn and three more flying around the ground, we have never seen so many in one place. Several Starlings were perched on a fence there too.

At the PFT a Kingfisher darted across in front of us and into the reeds and a Hare ran alongside us through the Palm trees. The fields on the left of the track are still flooded and the ricks have rotted and fallen into the water. Only a few ducks are on the water now, most of the waders are on the field near the Vistabella house. Down ‘Green Sandpiper Alley’ there were lots of Little Egret and Cattle Egrets, along with the odd Squacco Heron and Purple Heron.