El Hondo – Gleb Berloff

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On the 17th December, I visited the North Gate in the morning. The first bird I saw was a Greater Spotted Eagle perched in a distant eucalyptus, and managed to get some reasonable images of it before it flew off at a huge distance, these eagles are always so jumpy, in enormous contrast to the Booted Eagles which frequent the area. It seems to have been a fulvescens bird, as it had significant white patches on its wings. A few others were circling a bit further on. 

After this encounter, I went further down the road, and on the way back to see if there were any more eagles, I saw an Eagle Owl perched right in the open, in a eucalyptus just off the track. The owl kept flying between two perches, before, on its way back to its initial, and very close, perch, it was chased out of the area by another bird of prey. This was as of yet the best bird I have seen on the reserve. Eagle Owls do live here, but are mostly reported from the southern area. 

Nothing happened for a few hours after that, except for some distant eagles in trees. Right when I was leaving, a pale Booted Eagle was sitting perched right by the entrance to the North Gate.

Booted Eagle by Gleb Berloff©