El Hondo new opening times and suspect vehicle near the Vistabella hides

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Please note that El Hondo main reserve is still only open on Saturday mornings but it is now open from 8.30 to 11.30am. The opening times were previously 9.00 to 12.00. You still need to ring or call at the San Felipe Visitor Centre in advance to ask to be allowed in.

It might be worth noting the following information. A car was parked opposite the bridge to the vistabella hides with a suspicious looking man sitting in it. When we drove down it was parked first with a white hire car just past it. We parked further on then came back and parked near the bridge, by which time the dodgy car had moved to the other side of the white car as if to hide if from our view. We had seen the white car around the area, a female birder was driving it and I think we may have saved her from getting her car broken into. The suspect vehicle was an old grey Citroen Xsara Picasso with a Murcia (M) plate. As cars have been broken into on the Vistabella road before we suggest birders be aware of suspect vehicle like this one. As we often say, leave nothing on display in your car, not even an empty bag or an old jacket as the thieves do not know there is nothing of value inside them and may break your window to find out.