Field Trips for September to December 2017

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These are the dates for the Autumn field trips with an outline of likely venues. These may be subject to some modification depending on any up to date bird or other information.

Tuesday 19th September – Santa Pola Salinas, El Pinet, PFT, Lo Chicharra, lunch at El Rocia, San Felipe Visitor Centre

Wednesday 11th October (9th and 12th are fiesta days) – Pego marsh, lunch at Forna, back to Pego or up the mountain pass

Thursday 9th November – La Mata, Cabo Cervera, AW Magpie site, Embalse de Pedrera, lunch at Torremendo, Sierra Escalona

Tuesday 5th December (6th and 8th are fiestas) – Santa Pola areas, AGM at Tano’s