Finca Bonelli’s Eagle

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6dec-02Today eight CBBC Members from Gran Alacant set off to Finca Bonelli’s Eagle for our annual Christmas Party. We hadn’t planned to do any birding on the way but we couldn’t resist a couple of stops on the way. The first stop was to have a look at the Elche Tip, we really know how to enjoy ourselves! The smell was appalling and unfortunately there was nothing exciting around, just the usual Cattle Egrets, Jackdaws and various gulls. Our next stop was at the old quarry at the bottom of the Crevillente canyon. It was very quiet here ‘birdwise’, possibly because it was a Spanish holiday and there were hunters with guns and dogs, walkers and horse riders. We hung around a bit and after a while Paul called to say a large bird was about to appear from behind some rocks and we all watched it as it flew past us and off out of sight. At first we thought it was a raptor but it didn’t look quite right. Bryan said it was an owl, and after consideration of size, shape and habitat, we came to the conclusion that it was an Eagle Owl! It must have been disturbed by people or dogs and was probably the closest view we have had, or are ever likely to have of this owl. Having said that, I still wish we had seen it for longer, or had seen it perched, but I suppose I should be satisfied with a ten second view of this amazing bird!

By now it was time to set off to Colin and Jane’s for lunch. We spent an enjoyable few hours eating, drinking, chatting and looking for the Bonelli’s Eagles, which sadly failed to appear. We returned home tired but definately not hungry, having had another great day out.