Friends from Summers Past

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june-01Recently we’ve strayed away from our nearby patches of bamboo and visited the low ground below the dam at Embalse de la Pedrera . Here, there were Melodious Warblers flitting around and the harsh sound of Reed Warblers. They were so terrifically annoying because they just did not show. Maybe, next time. The following day we visited La Mata where we had been told that Curlew Sandpipers could be seen at the water’s edge, but too far away for a decent camera shot. However, under the Eucalyptus trees in the picnic area, we found my favourite summer bird. Ever since my childhood I have been able to recognize instantly Spotted Flycatchers. The movement caught my eye and then I saw my first one and in the same tree a Woodchat Shrike. I carried on looking up and then a possee of Long tailed Tits hurried through. I don’t know whether they had been bathing or they had travelled some distance to be there for they did look a bit ‘tatty’ but always great to see. Up with them was the striking yellow and black of a Great Tit. All good birding. Michelle managed to get a few photos of these small birds which are just wonderful to see.