Garden Birds by Peter Alden

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Black and Yellow Macaw by Mary Brazier©
Black and Yellow Macaw by Mary Brazier©

Added another tick today to the birds seen from our garden. I was painting a garden wall when I heard a loud cry from the top of a pine in next doors garden. At first I thought there was a bright orange plastic bag in the pine, but when it moved it was a Macaw!

It stayed for about an hour, and I got some of the neighbours to come and look. About every 10 minutes it let out a deafening squawk. It looked very much like a Blue & Yellow Macaw (from what I found on the Web), except that its breast was bright orange.
Can we put it down as being on Spring migration to Benidorm Birdland? I did also ask our Spanish neighbour to ring the local police in case it had been reported missing.
Just shows that if you wait long enough all the birds come to you.