Gran Alacant and El Clot

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Yesterday we followed a tip off from fellow birder Mark Etheridge, who had found a Rufous Bush Robin in our regular local site. We walked up and down the woods for a while until the bird flew past and landed in a nearby tree. We moved a little closer, worried that the bird might fly away, but it didn’t. In fact, it stayed for around 10 minutes while we photographed it and listened to it singing. A great experience.

Today we followed another tip off from Mark and went to look for a Little Bittern at El Clot. Fellow birder Peter was in the main hide and told us he had seen two Little Bitterns earlier. While we watched the many young ducks on the pool John saw a Little Bittern fly past, but I missed it! Just as we were getting up to leave another bird flew across the pool and landed on the right hand side. It was a Turtle Dove. So I didn’t get my Little Bittern but I did get another bird for my year list. As we left, our friend Greta arrived so we left her to wait for a  Little Bittern to arrive, hopefully. PS – Greta did see one of the birds after we left, grrr.