Jacarilla/La Pedrera – David and Margaret Gartside

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I had a bike exploration trip with a pal this morning to some well-hidden caves between Jacarilla and Vistabella golf course. See photos of a dead kestrel (?) lying within one of the shallow caves. It has obviously been there and undisturbed for at least several months and probably years, evidencing the fact that these caves are little visited.

We had a green woodpecker calling throughout our visit. The photos show –
1   The remains in situ, apparently died from natural causes?
2   Close-up of the remains.
3   The view from the cave towards Vistabella and La Pedrera.
4   The cave, kestrel wing just showing at right edge.
5   The skull – purposeful eye sockets!
6   Adjacent skull of smaller bird – perhaps prey?
Interesting to compare the eye sockets of the 2 skulls. The smaller ones are forward-looking. The larger ones are downward-looking – and we know why!  Hope you find this of interest.