Los Montesinos, El Pinet – Gleb Berloff

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Today’s bike ride went all the way from Santa Pola to Los Montesinos, where I had amazing views of the Montagu’s Harriers, both in flight and perched. My best views were of a ringtail and male flying together, and a male giving me the yellow eye when perched.

Whilst I was occupied with them, I noticed a very strange Flamingo out on the lake. I zoomed in. It was exceptionally red, very small and…had a black bill. I almost had a heart attack when I realised this was a Lesser Flamingo!! In April!! I spent half an hour analysing my photos to confirm, but yes. A Lesser Flamingo on Torrevieja’s outskirts.

After this shock, I went to El Pinet and began photographing terms. And accidentally photographed another mega rarity- an Elegant Tern!! Two of them, in fact, were present there today!