Maigmo Mountain – Mark Etheridge

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A Friday morning out to Maigmo with Bryan and John. We started off well at the beginning of the mountain road with Bonelli’s Warbler and Woodlark, several more were seen and heard during the trip. Climbing higher, we managed to find Great, Coal, Long-tailed and Crested Tits, Short-toed Treecreeper, Mistle Thrush, Jay, Chaffinch, Sardinian Warbler and Rock Bunting. At the top of the mountain we were slightly disappointed that there were no Alpine Swifts among the Pallid Swifts, but that was assuaged by our delight at finding at least 3 Wrens in full voice and Firecrest on the way back down. The Wrens were my first in Spain! Also heard Raven on the way back, but sadly no sign of any raptors at all this time.