Mary’s Blog – Maigmo

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Today we picked up Paul and Greta and set off towards Maigmo. On the way we stopped in Tibi and had a short walk past the church and along the walkway above the gorge. There were lots of small birds flying in and out of the trees including male and female Blackcap. We looked down into the gorge and I spotted some black birds which looked to me like Chough. After straining our eyes to see them through the bins, we agreed they were Chough although they didn’t seem to have a red bill. Following consultation with Malcolm we concluded that they were juvenile birds with a slightly shorter and yellowish bill.

Moving on up the Maigmo mountain we had a little look around at the views and as we walked back to car John spotted a Crested Tit in the tree above us! Greta had brought a selection of food to tempt the birds down so we put this on one of the picnic tables and hid behind the trees but the bird didn’t come down. We decided to settle down at another table for our lunch whilst keeping an eye on the ‘bird table’. After a while a single Crested Tit came down to get some food and then returned numerous times giving us great views and an opportunity to take photos. It seems they quite like cheese! Not a day for a large bird list but some good birds for my trip list nonetheless.