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This week we went for a few days away with our friends, Dave and Lin. We stayed at the Jardines de La Santa near Aledo, a very nice hotel which was formerly a monastery. Anyone reading this will soon realise that we are not what I call ‘serious birders’ but I am happy if I can add a few new birds to my year list any time we are out and about.

On Tuesday we drove from Gran Alacant to the Sierra Espuna and made our way over the mountain from Alhama de Murcia. Our first stop was at the picnic area by the café where I had a few sightings of Crested Tit and a Red Squirrel, but nobody else saw them.

We continued to the viewpoint, and then up to the car park higher up where we walked up to the ice houses. It was very windy and decidedly chilly up there, and sadly we did not see any of the hoped for Ring Ouzels.

Back down at the viewing area a few Crossbills had arrived and were perched on the wires allowing us to see them quite well. We moved back down the other side of the mountain and had our lunch in the picnic area. Dave gave up some of his bread and placed it on a nearby picnic table, which soon proved a success as several birds, including Robin, Chaffinch and Crested Tit came down to feed, giving us some really good views of them.

Species list – Crested Tit, Crossbill,  Robin, Chaffinch, Black Redstart,  Jay, Blackbird.