Mazarron – Paul Coombes

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My goal before travelling to Spain was to find and show Paula Rufous Scrub Robin (a lifer for Paula) and for us to get some decentish photos. It is not an easy bird to locate and is probably one of the more uncommon birds of the Alicante/Murcia region. We tried on a couple of occasions a coastal pine habitat near to Santa Pola, an area where I’ve seen them in previous years but no joy this time.

Our friend and Spanish bird guide José Manuel Escarabajal had information on a couple of possible locations to the west of Cartagena and he also received some info. on a pair near Mazarrón, Murcia whilst we were out with him yesterday, so off we went. It wasn’t long until we had sight of not just one, but a pair of Rufous Scrub Robin flitting around us. Eventually, with patience, I got some images that I’m chuffed with. Paula did too thankfully, as at one point I was worried for her camera and lens!