On the Move Again

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Today is our last one in England’s smallest county as we leave Oakham for Barrow-upon-Soar in the next county to the east – Leicestershire. We have to be there for tomorrow as Sammi (Michelle’s neice) will be 18 and we we are there to help her celebrate it. Today was another visit to Rutland Water to watch the Ospreys. The wildlife trust resposible for the care of these birds have done a great job as there are breeding birds present here. We watched the female bird with her two chicks for several hours. We were lucky with our timing as they will soon all be going to their wintering grounds in West Africa. This years chicks will have to make the journey without any experience whatsoever. How about that for an experience! You can imagine that modern day human parents are relunctant to let their children play in the street. We love our wildlife but we respect the fact that they live in a dangerous world. Additionally there was much going on on the water with a mass of Tufted Ducks, Swans, Canada Geese ever present. In front of the hide was a nesting pair of Great Crested Grebes. This pair seem to be trying again to raise a brood and the second egg was laid this morning – too late I fear for this season. Shovellers were within metres of us and a Kingfisher perched in the tree next door. We leave the small town world of Oakham for another stay in a rural setting. Another week of family, socialising, beer and birds.