Our Annual Autumn Adventure – Central Spain

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I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this, given that I haven’t written anything since July!

We are now back in Spain and are on one of our regular trips away. This year we have been doing a tour of some cities in the centre of Spain, namely, Cuenca, Segovia and Salamanca. We think they are all beautiful places and would recommend them to anyone. Clearly these visits were not intended as birding trips but as usual the birds just turned up!

On our way to Cuenca we had a great view of a Golden Eagle as it flew right over the car close to Petrola, which was a good way to get us back into birding. Other birds seen while travelling included a Griffon Vulture flying over the gorge at Cuenca and a few Chough in the gorge. On the way to Segovia, and from there to Salamanca we saw numerous Griffon Vultures, several JaysRed Kites and Buzzards, a couple of Azure winged Magpies plus Crow, Magpie, Black Redstart and Robin. From the river bridge at Segovia we were happy to see a Dipper and by the river at Salamanca we heard Cetti’s Warbler and saw a Common Sandpiper.

From Salamanca we headed to our next stop in Torrejon el Rubio in Extremadura. We were now in great birding countryside seeing several more Red Kites, plus Azure winged Magpie, Jay, Buzzard and Magpie.  At the Salto de Gitano in Monfrague there were plenty of Griffon Vultures and an Alpine Swift. We didn’t stay long but set off to settle into our accommodation but will visit again in the next few days.