Pallet road, Monastery, PFT – Paul and Greta

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On the usual route today, firstly at the pallet road Kestrel, Hoopoe, White Wagtail, Robin, Black Redstart, Woodpigeon, Blackbird, Southern Grey Shrike and Little Owl. On round to Monastery road, where perched on the wires we saw a Booted Eagle. Down past the Monastery a few Stonechat were flitting about and Black Redstart again. In a flooded field on the same road there were lots of Lapwing and Pipits.

Moving on to PFT where there were more flooded fields with hundreds more Lapwing, Golden Plover, and a few Marsh Harrier flew over. Further along the PFT we met Bryan and Trevor and had a brief chat before moving on down Sandpiper alley where we sat for a while by the ditch for our drink stop. While we were there the female Kingfisher came and briefly sat on the reeds, wonderful to watch.