Pego Marshes – 11th August – By Peter Alden

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On the 11th August I visited Pego Marsh. All the fields were covered with green rice, approx 1 metre high, standing in a few centimetres of water. This precluded the usual views of waders – usually a major attraction of Pego. The ditches were fairly full, but with a lot of overgrown vegetation everywhere.

The only raptor seen was one Marsh Harrier. Many Bee-Eaters patrolled the fields, and then perched on the power lines giving good views. A solitary Woodchat Shrike showed itself, as did a Squacco Heron. A few Fan-tailed Warblers were around. The extensive reed beds down by the river were unbelievably quiet – I know it is August but there is usually some bird sound. Goldfinches, Swallows, House Martins, Mallard, Wood Pigeon and Little Egret were the only other birds to show. It is hard to believe the change there will be in the next two months after the rice is harvested.