Pego Osprey Project

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Peter Alden has sent in some information about a new project at Pego Marshes. Peter says “We have often seen Ospreys at Pego Marsh, so I thought people might be interested to hear about this project. Hopefully the project will have the same success as the Canyet Project for the Griffon Vultures.”

This is a brief summary of the project details, taken from an article in the Costa Blanca News.

Ospreys are being re-introduced into the Pego-Oliva Marjal after being absent as a breeding species about 40 years. Four chicks, two from the Belearics and two from Cadiz province, have been brought to the area and are being reared in large cages where they will be fed and can grow and learn to fly before being released into the area. The birds have been electronically tagged so that their progress can be monitored by the team responsible for them. It is hoped they will nest locally and become a settled population in the area. Nesting platforms have been set up and small, low vegetation lagoons created.