Pyrenees Trip – Day 2 – Monreal de Campo to Isaba

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Today I woke early as I always do on the first night in a strange place. At 6.30am I was listening to a Blackbird singing loudly outside the window and at 7.10am a Cuckoo joined in and continued calling intermittently until we went to Breakfast.

We set off towards Isaba and I decided to count some birds to pass the time. I counted ten Black Kites before we reached Zaragoza. Between Zaragoza and Huesca we saw another six Black Kites and seven White Storks. From Huesca to Riglos we added seven Black Kites, seven White Storks and 14 Corn Buntings. We ate our lunch in Riglos but didn’t stay long as it was rather cold and windy. We left Riglos and not far along the road we added Jay, Egyptian Vulture and Grey Heron to our list.

We arrived at the excellent Metsola Apartments in Isaba just before 5pm and managed to get our second flat tyre in two days! It was probably caused by trying to turn the car round in the very narrow street outside our accommodation. Luckily, there was a small garage down the road and the man in charge took the tyre from us and told us to go back in the morning. We settled into our apartment ready for our first proper day’s birding tomorrow.