Saladares del Guadalentín – Gordon and Suzanne Mills

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A morning visit to Saladares del Guadalentín was most enjoyable with clear skies and a slight wind. By the renovated tower a Golden Eagle was perched on the top of a pylon, when it flew put up a Little Bustard, Hoopoe, numerous Crested Lark, 7 Calandra Lark and 17 Short toed Lark. Further along towards the big reservoir we had a pair of Little Owl two beautiful Great Spotted Cuckoo (the first of many) and in the distance 5 kestrel which as they  flew closer we noticed were Lesser kestrel which we watched for 10 minutes . We then looked at the reservoirs by the river where we found Black Winged Stilt, Little Grebe, Coot, Mallard, Common and Green  Sandpiper. Here we saw Swallow when looking skyward also noticing the Golden Eagle was still flying around. Then a mixed selection of Raptors including Red Kite, Marsh Harrier and an unidentified Buzzard,  possibly Long Legged? Warblers were noted by their absence.