Salinas and El Hondo Fields – Paul and Greta

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Just enough drizzle to lay the dust. There must have been a new hatch on the salt lakes on the left as there were several Cormorant and Little Egret having a feast. Further along on another lake there was a lot of Black-winged Stilt and other smaller waders but we couldn’t take too long a look whilst driving. There were also a few Spoonbill huddled on the right hand side just past the layby.

The Blue Rock Thrush was in his usual place on the old monastery. Two Buzzard had landed on poles on the monastery track. On towards the parallel track where in a field on the right was a flock of Lapwing and a Grey Heron. Also on the parallel track another flock of birds flew over but landed among the broccoli before we could get our bins on them. On then to PFT, and after a short break, we drove on and in another field on the left hand side there was another flock of Lapwing with Golden Plover. A Kingfisher took flight as we passed by and as we reached the end of PFT two Cranes flew over head. A bit overcast so not good enough light for photos.