Salinas, El Hondo fields – Malcolm Palmer

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Tradition has to be upheld – and was! I try to get out for a few hours on 1st January to get the list started, and INVARIABLY see something I missed all last year. No exception, today’s were 3 Knot on the Salinas – uncommon here. Started at the El Clot, where 4 White headed Duck were nice, and also 2 Purple Swamphens. On the Salinas, besides the Knot, were a few other waders, at least ten Great White Egrets, and a few Spoonbill.

From the Palm Farm Track, annoyingly against the low sun, an irrigated field had Lapwings, I thought Golden Plover but couldn’t be sure. Much closer were at least two Marsh Sandpipers, 3 Wood Sandpipers, a Ruff and hundreds of White Wagtails. A Buzzard and a Booted Eagle circled over. Not a bad start to the year!