Sierra de Espuna – Birding by Proxy

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On Monday this week we were due to go on a trip to the Sierra de Espuna with our good friends Dave and Linda Lawrence. Unfortunately, I developed a migraine on Sunday which developed into sickness and John and I had to cancel. We encouraged Dave and Linda to go anyway as I particularly wanted them to stay at the Hotel Monasterio Santa Eulalia where we had stayed once before and which I was sure they would love. While I was lying on my ‘sick bed’ on Saturday night I heard the ‘phone ring and later John came up to tell me that Dave and Linda were sitting on their terrace, with a glass of wine looking at the mountains! Talk about ‘rubbing it in’! Seriously though, I was pleased for them and shut my eyes and tried to imagine I was there too.




nov11-5On their return we went to have a look at their photos and I could have cried! They had seen and done all the things I had hoped to see and do and the photos looked fantastic! On the first day they had visited the ice houses and the picnic area near to the cafe where the Wild Boar are known to roam. They saw Crested Tit, Jay, Robin and various other Tit species, as well as a couple of Crossbills on a wall, which I thought may have been eating grit to help their digestion. Dave and Linda were surprised not to see more raptors there, but they did get good views of a Red Squirrel, Moufflon Sheep and several Wild Boar. I was so jealous as I had really wanted to see a Wild Boar, never having seen them before. Oh well, I guess there will be other opportunities.