Sierra Espuna

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We left Mojacar and headed towards Aledo and the Sierra Espuna. As we drove away from Mojacar a Cuckoo flew overhead. We had a short visit to the small gorge near Aledo where we were welcomed by a Red billed Chough calling loudly overhead before it flew down the gorge and was joined by a second bird. We had our usual coffee stop in Aledo before heading up into the Sierra Espuna. At the top we bumped into Bryan Thomas and John Edwards who pointed out two Golden Eagles flying over a ridge. Several Crossbills were in the area sitting on the wires and in the trees. We moved down the other side of the mountain and ate lunch in the picnic area near the café where a few small birds put in an appearance, including Crested Tit, Jay, Chaffinch and Robin. As we left the area a group of Barbary sheep were seen in the woodland at the side of the road.