Spring Migrants

Marbled Ducks by Barry Chambers©
Marbled Ducks by Barry Chambers©

Various spring migrants were seen today during the CBBC Field Trip, namely – Sand Martin, Alpine Swift, Pallid Swift, Subalpine Warbler, Marbled Duck.

Barry has informed me that he saw a Pallid Swift on 15th March so I have amended the Spring Migration Report 2015 and the Spring Migration Comparison Report.

It is worth having a look at the Comparison Report if you are interested in knowing roughly when new migrants are likely to arrive. The dates are only a guide, however, as it all depends on when birders are out and about and if they notify me of their sightings.

I would therefore encourage everyone to notify me if they see one of the birds listed on the Comparison Report, giving bird name, place and date seen.

Thank you.