Torrevieja, Sierra Espuna – Gleb Berloff

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On the 15th April we went birdwatching at Torrevieja. Or, rather, hawk-watching, as I rarely target anything which isn’t a bird of prey. Citrus grove road-wise, we had absolutely stunning close-up views of a ringtail Montagu’s Harrier over the reeds, a view that accompanied us to the Torrevieja pink lake viewpoint. We saw 5 harriers in the air, including at least 1 pair. One male was particularly showy, wheeling through the skies, diving at the ground and soaring at very close range. Everyone managed to get a good look at it.

We then drove to the Sierra Espuna. On the way up to the top I spotted a Golden Eagle, but lost it from view. Closer to the top, we had prolonged, reliable and close-up views of a pair of Golden Eagles soaring through the skies and being mobbed by a Peregrine. Where this was I won’t say exactly. I know if someone told me exactly where I would lose most of the thrill of finding it myself. We then drove home, and on the way there we saw a Booted Eagle circling at the base of the cliffs. 

During the trip, we also found two orchids – Sawfly Orchid and Yellow Bee-orchid.