Vistabella hide – Stephan and Els

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Advised by Barry, we went yesterday afternoon to the first hide near Vistabella, to look for the Ring-necked Duck. After walking through some deep water we settled in the hide. Three Spanish birders told us that the duck was hiding somewhere. After a lot of time Els found a strange male Tufted Duck in the left hand corner of the visual field. Happily she observed, after some time, the telltale white stripe separating the greyish wing and the black breast, and the peaked head. Stephan got the duck in the telescope and could clearly see the white ring just before the black tip of the blueish bill (like Barry had told us already) and the nearly non existent ‘tuft’. When we changed places behind the ´scope the bird must have flown, so we could not see more than the most important things, and we were sorry for the other three birders.