Vistabella Road – Stephan and Els

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We were on the Vistabella road a bit later than Malcolm. The next field to the one that was well visible from the road was being visited by a large number of birds. We counted when they were all flying from something that disturbed then (not us!). Totals of 400 Glossy Ibis and 350 Cattle Egrets. We saw only a few Wood Sandpipers, but also one or two Green Sandpipers and Redshanks and, the best of all, a Marsh Sandpiper. 

Earlier we went to the El Hondo visitor´s Centre. On the road between the North Gate and the Centre we went up the track near the football field. Lots of Barn Swallows, House Martins, Common and Pallid Swifts, and some Red-rumped Swallows. 

The board walk at the Centre itself was rather quiet, but in the pool next to it the usual special birds that are perhaps still counted as captive birds or maybe not (Red knobbed Coot). Later we saw a Booted Eagle flying between Catral and Vistabella.

We also had a female Pied Flycatcher on our fence this morning at breakfast time. For us here in Hondón de las Nieves not a common species.